Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Non-Scale Victories

☀️Happy Tuesday lovelies!!☀️

It has been a little while since I've written a post! I'm currently drinking my breakfast shake - my go to lately has been 2 scoops of Formula 1 Dutch Chocolate, 1 scoop of Vanilla Protein Drink Mix, Prolessa Duo, Probiotics! So good!! I have been using water instead of cashew/almond milk, and it still tastes just as delicious!

I hope each and every one of you had a spectacular weekend, as well as a good Monday!
I missed out on the gym on this past Friday AND Saturday, and was really feeling it. I made myself go to the gym the past couple days, and I felt so much better after going!! I FINALLY got back up to 3 miles on the elliptical - I honestly can't remember the last time I could (without taking breaks). Oh! And the best part, I was on a higher level (Level 4) for resistance!! YASSS!!! 🙌🏼

Losing weight can certainly be frustrating when you don't "see" results on the scale. I know lately, I have been a bit discouraged because I don't see the number on the scale dropping as quickly as I want it to. If you are working on yourself and living a healthier lifestyle, your body is STILL working behind the scenes. I am still learning a lot, but having patience and being consistent is key. Consistency is extremely difficult, but the more I do it, the easier it gets. I'm trying to form these better habits of having two shakes a day, and getting at least 30 minutes cardio in as often as possible.

Keep going, don't give up! Don't forget to appreciate the non-scale victories!! Non-scale victories should certainly be celebrated!

Right now, my non-scale victories include:

☕️ Energy!

Previous to Herbalife, I would drink an insane amount of coffee in hopes that it would help me "wake up." Constantly feeling exhausted, fatigued, etc., - coffee just would not longer help me out. All that coffee would end up making my stomach (and rest of my body) hurt even more. Since starting the Herbalife shakes and supplements, my energy has increased tremendously! I haven't had a real cup of coffee in over a week! If I crave coffee, I drink decaf!

Waking up earlier, not having to take naps throughout the day, and being able to stay up later at night, are all huge non-scale victories for me!

👗Fitting into the clothes in my closet!

I have been refusing to buy new clothes because I have an enormous closet full of clothes that I can't exactly fit into (yet).
I'm really looking forward to shopping in my own closet! Recently, my "fat" jeans have become really lose, where as a month before, I had a major muffin top while wearing them! I can wear my smaller jeans that I couldn't fit into a month ago!! 🙌🏼

💪🏼 Feeeling/being stronger!

I have fibromyalgia, and it's AWFUL (not to mention, embarrassing) when am too weak to do a lot of activities for long periods of time (even things you would never think of, like knitting)!  Finally being stronger means I can do more of even the simplest activities I enjoy!

Getting up to 3 miles on the elliptical at a higher resistance just under 30 minutes is crazy awesome!!!

🍎 Not being hungry (AKA - hangry) ALL THE TIME.

When my whole world revolves around food, it infuriates me! I am grateful for feeling full, not uncomfortably bloated. My body is especially thankful when I consistently drink my shakes and eat the right foods, so I'm not constantly starving and irritated.
Every morning, I start out with making my breakfast shake! I add in probiotics, I take my supplements, and get the energy I need to conquer my days! I haven't had a real cup of coffee in over a week! Whereas before Herbalife shakes, I could drink an entire pot of coffee before bed and fall fast asleep...

🗻 Exploring!

I can go farther distances because I've been able to increase activity in my routine. I'm not out of breath walking a brisk 3 miles anymore! That means I can do what I enjoy with this incredible weather (not so much today...) - hiking/exploring!!! OR, being able to get out on a beautiful day and have a simple walk around the neighborhood!!


* Do you lack energy?

* How many pounds do you need to lose to reach your goal?

*What is your #1 non-scale victory?

Friday, March 23, 2018

☀️Happy Friday!!

☀️ Good Morning lovelies!! Happy Friday!

I hope everyone is having a superb week so far! It's been on the chilly side, but thankfully, beautiful! I've been working hard, and it helps to have my furbaby at my side! 💕 He is super needy, but adorable! 

It's been a while since I've posted! Life of course gets in the way sometimes 🙃However, there are incredible things in the works!! 😍
Here is a short recap of the last 2 weeks! 

My Milma (Mother-in-law/Momma) came out to spend some quality time all last week with me! She and I both LOVE crafting and hanging out together, and we had such a blast!! The week went by way too quickly!

We went to the gym and spent almost TWO HOURS there!! 😂 I'm not kidding when I say, you can spend all day there! There is so much to do!! 

I'm not going to lie, we went out a few different places to eat - however, we did a really good job limiting it to ONE meal a day and splitting meals! Otherwise, we just ate at home!
A MUST for Knoxville is going to The French Market Creperie! We split a crepe - nutella and bananas. (Normally, I would have eaten a whole one by myself, but yay for control 😂)!

We had some interesting weather changes...snow to Spring in one day!

One of our other "cheat" meals was spent at Yassin's Falafel House! They just opened a second location near where I live, and I've been desperately wanting to go. If you haven't gone yet, GO!!! 
It was absolutely amazing!!

We've been having the most gorgeous sunrises! ☀️

My second 6 Day Eat Clean Challenge began on the 15th! I lost 7.2 lbs during my first challenge, and 3 lbs this past challenge! Since joining Herbalife, I have lost 10 lbs. That is 10 lbs down in less than a month! I'll take it! I've been working out and doing a lot of strength training, so my body is also building muscle. I won't see the scale dip down extremely fast, but with being consistent in eating healthy (Yay, Herbalife!) and working out, I will achieve my goal!!
My friend, Erica, lost 8.8 lbs during her first challenge!! I'm so proud of her!! ❤️ 

The best part for me, is how I FEEL! For the past two years, my health has been at an all time low. I was constantly exhausted, in extreme pain, and just ill. I would drink a TON of coffee each day, hoping it would help me feel less tired. All that ever did was hurt my stomach and my nervous system.
I'm not exaggerating when I say that even something as simple as knitting was painful. 

I'm doing WAY more than I ever thought I would be able to in the past month. I have had only one cup of regular coffee in over a week! More of my energy is coming back, I'm in less pain, and overall feel healthier. My body is getting the nutrients/vitamins/minerals it needs to help keep me strong and healthy. 
With all the results I'm getting (both inside and out), I certainly won't give up! 🙌🏼
I can't wait to see where I am 6 months from now! 😍

The gym has a massive cardio movie theater room! I hop on the treadmill/bike/etc., and before I know it I've gone so much further than I thought I could!

I'm getting better at meal prepping! It's easy when I have the shakes to replace breakfast and lunch; all I have to worry about is snacks and dinner!

Brussel sprouts are a go-to!

I hope y'all are enjoying watching me on this journey! I would love to help others achieve their fitness goals as well! 💪🏼 If you are ready, let me know!!


* Do you enjoy working out at a gym?

* What is your favorite "cheat meal?"

* Is your weather currently more Winter or Spring?

Friday, March 9, 2018

🌷❄️ Sprinter ❄️🌷

Hey y'all!! ☀️ It's a gorgeous but chilly day! Brrrr! It is that awful moment during the season where it wants to be Spring, but also wants to stay Winter = SPRINTER. 😂 Am I right?!

Our magnolia tree is beginning to bloom! 🌷 It's such a gorgeous tree; I can't wait for it to fully bloom & get some more pictures to share! We planted this tree years ago for our 4 year wedding anniversary! 💑

Unfortunately, the hubby and I have both been under the weather this past week. I deal with chronic illness on a daily basis, so I was still able to be somewhat productive. 

I treated myself to a "spa day" at home. I love trying new facial masks. Anyone else a mask girl?! 
The Herbalife SKIN purifying mint clay mask is a game changer for me! I never had a mask make my skin feel that tight and fresh before! PLUS, it smells AMAZING!!

I am SUPER excited for the next 6 Day Eat Clean Challenge - it begins on the 15th! I lost 7.2 lbs from my first challenge! My goal is to beat my last results! 💪🏼

Isn't it insane what can happen in just 6 days?! Seriously though, you get to join a terrific accountability group; get TONS of information on meal plans, workouts, and more; a chance to win some $$$$ (the last winning pot was over $800)!! It's amazing!

With the challenge starting next week, I just stocked up on some extra goodies besides the delicious shakes! Aloe concentrate (mango), Prolessa Duo, Cell-U-Loss, Probiotics, Beverage mix (peach mango), Fiber (apple), and Sleep Now!

I couldn't wait to try the "Bikini in a Bottle" recipe! 👙 This drink mix will replace one of my protein filled snacks per day!

👍🏼 It tastes yummy!!! 👙☀️

I highly recommend putting all the ingredients in a cup first and then pour 12-16 oz hot water into it. Then, add as much ice as you want to chill the drink. The drink itself can get a little grainy, so the hot water will help break down the powder mix. It tastes really great, so shake it up and drink it fast!

Send me a DM for more information on products, the 6 Day Eat Clean Challenge, etc! 😊

Don't forget, you can go to my website and look at all the incredible products Herbalife offers! Also, take the FREE Wellness Evaluation!



* What's your weather like?

* How are you doing with your health/fitness goals?

* Why haven't you signed up yet for the 6 Day Eat Clean Challenge?!